How to do Out of Body Meditation Astral Projection?

How to do Out of Body Meditation Astral Projection?

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This is a step by step guide to do astral projection in meditation. This astral projection technique of extending the consciousness to the heavenly bodies and to the prevailing universe was renovated by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi (Navgraha Meditation). The sole purpose of this meditation technique of projecting the consciousness to the heavenly bodies is to overcome the negative effects of subtle energies from the cosmos.

This astral projection technique in meditation is systemized in such a way to visualize the consciousness extending towards the heavenly bodies and thereby conceiving it as beneficial to one’s total well-being. This practice is more effective when done after awakening the kundalini energy. It was considered that practicing this form of meditation in the full moon and new moon days is powerful.

In this astral projection technique, aspirants are visualizing the psychic energy of the cosmos apprehensible to the sixth and seventh senses apart from the fundamental four forces of nature that are intelligible to our five senses. The kundalini energy works in psychic energy perspective. Hence, the meditators decisively believed in this principle. (Read also Unlocking the Mysteries of Astral Body)

Guided Astral Projection Meditation

Sit in a calm place for meditation. There are certain preliminaries that should be considered while doing spiritual meditation such as kundalini meditation practices as mentioned before. (See How to Practice Kundalini Meditation?)

This astral projection technique begins with meditating in the Kundalini chakras. The meditation commences in the Muladhara chakra – root house of the life force.

Initially, meditate on this root chakra for about 4 – 5 minutes. The sensation will become active in Muladhara Chakra as I mentioned in the book ‘Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?

Slowly move the life force to the next level energy center svadhisthana chakra and focus there for about 2 – 3 minutes. Repeat the same process till the life force reaches the vishuddha chakra.

From the vishuddha chakra, the life force is raised to the third eye known as Ajna Chakra. Meditate in this spiritual center for 3 – 4 minutes where the projection of the thought gets energized. It is then moved to the Sahasrara Chakra and concentrates there for 3 – 4 minutes where the consciousness could be expanded to an infinite level.

In the physical plane, these two energy centers have resembled with the pituitary gland and pineal body whereas in the astral plane these centers are the lineage between individual consciousness and the absolute consciousness.

Later, the consciousness is raised to the eighth chakra and focused there for 2 – 3 minutes. The eighth chakra is the aura itself with its epicenter above the Sahasrara chakra. The aura is the energy field of biomagnetism and life force of the human body where the prana energy from the astral plane flows to the body. (Read also What is Prana in Yoga?)

 Now, at last, the consciousness is projected from the body’s limited energy field. The consciousness is completely raised leaving no specks of sensation in any of the chakras and the body.

The mode of psychic energy we receive from these near celestial bodies have different characteristics where it is considered as the nine types of heavenly psychic energies that the living creatures on earth experiences.

 The out of body experience of the individuals felt are with respect to the level of spiritual energy of the aspirants as where the advanced practitioners are able to project the astral body completely to the desired location in space.

But for the beginners, this is a form of visualization of the mind where the thoughts are concentrated in the desired location. This astral projection technique in meditation is correlated with the Vedic astrology and its features.

Firstly, the consciousness is raised to the sun focusing its entire volume, and the thoughts are entirely fixed on the sun that the meditator feels his consciousness exists there.

1. Effects of Psychic Energy of Sun

The psychic energy of the sun is associated with the controlling ability of the human beings such as controlling one’s own mind, persuasion power, control over other people, power, vigor, mental strength, etc.

Imagine this psychic energy is propagated as waves having an apparent orange color in its characteristics. Feel this psychic energy absorbed in our life force that influences us in a positive mode. Meditate on the sun for 3 – 4 minutes. These visualization steps should be repeated for the following planets.

2. Effects of Psychic Energy of Mercury

Focus the thoughts on the mercury. Visualize the psychic energy of mercury is coordinated with our social activities, communication abilities, health and charisma of the body. Imagine this energy is propagated as waves having a green order. Repeat the step as before.

It is a key step to visualize the psychic energy emanating from all celestial bodies that are absorbed within us and effect as in a beneficial way.

3. Effects of Psychic Energy of Venus

Raise the consciousness to the planet Venus. Know that you really exist there. Now imagine that you comprise the whole of Venus and your thoughts are focused on it. The psychic energy of this planet is associated with the prosperity of the human being.

This energy is effective on material wealth, healthy body, and healthy married relationship. Imagine this psychic energy is emanating with the white radiant rays of Venus.

4. Effects of Psychic Energy of Moon

The psychic energy of the moon is related with the clarity in our thoughts, decisions, emotions, feelings, prosperity and the mental health. The color of the propagating waves is related with the plain white color.

5. Psychic Influence of Mars

The psychic energy of the Mars can influence our endurance, passion, patience, motivation etc. The color of the propagating waves is related with the apparent red color of the planet.

6. Effects of Psychic Energy of Jupiter

The psychic energy of the Jupiter is associated with the wisdom, knowledge, humility, mental state, etc. Visualize the psychic energy of the planet is propagated along with the golden waves of the planet.

7. Psychic Influence of Saturn

The psychic energy of the Saturn is related to the success, actions, tolerance, etc. The propagating wave is related with the light blue color.

8. Effects of Psychic Energy of Shadow planets (Rahu and Ketu)

The psychic energy of shadow planets is related to the whole wellbeing. The color of the propagating waves is related with the darkness.

Eventually, the astral body is raised to the transcending cosmos to nothingness and reaches the eighth chakra. From there, the consciousness is lowered to the Sahasrara chakra and meditates there for 2 – 3 minutes. Realize that the prana energy is flowing all over the body as the energy of meditation is absorbed in the whole body.

Note: This is a visualization of astral projection and the efficacy of this technique is not analyzed scientifically even though scientific analysis of similar meditation techniques such as nine center meditation and visualization meditation showed positive results in the aspirants.


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