How to Effectively Use Visualization Technique to Achieve Goal?

How to Effectively Use Visualization Technique to Achieve Goal?

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How to Effectively Use Visualization Technique?

Everyone has their own goals. Achieving these goals is necessary for our happiness and wellbeing. Let it be in business, professional life, personal life, spirituality, etc. there will be a well-defined aim in everyone’s mind. Depriving these goals is the way to misery. For those who need to achieve their goals faster, and those who lost faith in achieving their goal, the visualization technique is an effective tool. Yet, it doesn't replace the hard work.

Visualization seems simple as dreaming about our goals but, how to dream makes the difference. The lack of proper implementation of these procedures is the cause for its inefficiency. It is not only limited to the imaginary process but also the active physical engagement of the surroundings. This is similar to the mock techniques.

Now, the internet is bombarded with lots of visualization techniques and the readers probably get confused as which technique is effective. While learning these techniques, one may become skeptical as these techniques seem irrational.

It is scientifically verified that a few of the athletes and business professionals used the visualization technique to reach their goals.

How Visualization Technique Works?

It’s mandatory that one needs to know scientifically how the visualization technique works. This is significant for its successful implementation. The visualization technique is a psychological process and it depends on upon a number of factors. These factors are responsible for its efficacy. One’s belief system as a result of life experiences right from childhood, faith in the genuine technique and goals are the two primal factors.

We all know that the subconscious mind is responsible for all our involuntary activities, personality, behavior, emotions and even the conscious activities of the mind. This irrational mind can be programmed according to one’s need where it doesn’t differentiate between the real and imaginary activities.

This weakness (advantage) of mind is utilized in the visualization technique. As a result, the imaginary activities are converted into the realities of life.  Here, the power of mind in achieving success becomes evident. (Read also 7 Most Effective Mind Control Techniques One Should Be Aware)

When remarking about the realities of life, I remember these lines.

Once, a disciple asked Ramana Maharishi – a mystic of the twentieth century, “What is the reality?”

The reply was ‘the wakeful state and dream state are similar and unreal; the self (pure consciousness) is only real.’

How to Visualize Effectively?

The visualization technique is used in the two cases

  1. To get expertise and confidence in doing a task.
  2. To achieve one’s significant life goals.

In the first case, the role of visualization is to simulate the same real or imaginary environment of that particular task. By doing this many times, the subconscious mind becomes adapt to it. This will increase the confidence, willpower and more stability over the activity which is mandatory for the athletes, a person doing a presentation, public speaking, stage presentation for the first time and in various other fields. And, when encountering the real circumstance, the subconscious mind handle it effectively since it has gone through similar environment many times.

The second one is interrelated with the philosophical concepts and psychological principles as considering the life goals – life purpose. Here, the visualization is a slow process and done step by step.

Napoleon Hill says that we have to visualize as we have it rather than we want it. We have to see and feel it as already in possession.

Here, our goal is directly perceived as reality by the subconscious mind creating a deep faith in it. This triggers one to perform accordingly to acquire skills, knowledge, motivation, mindset, etc. as mentioned in the book ‘Crack the Hidden Laws of Life.’  The role of higher senses, a proactive tool in achieving the success will also be unveiled.

There is no perpetual limitation in achieving our real goals. If a person has reached from nobody to somebody, he has gone through the similar unique mental, spiritual and biological process that can be simulated using the visualization technique. This makes one gain the experience artificially.

For example, if one has to become an influential leader then, the subconscious mind is programmed using the proper visualization technique. This creates an attitude which impels one to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to reach that goal at any cost.

If one doesn’t have the necessary skills initially, never mind the neural networks - brain cells with unique features will be developed accordingly is a scientifically proven fact. (Read also 5 Ways of Concentration of Mind Naturally)

Meditation and Visualization

The thoughts and imagination are the powerful visualization tools. Meditation helps in effectively focusing the thoughts. The kundalini meditation actively reduces the frequency of thoughts. This, in fact, increases the concentration of mind where the visualization is done effectively without the distraction of thoughts. Hence, the subconscious mind doesn’t pick up the unnecessary data or else this might affect its efficacy. Moreover, meditation helps to cultivate the positive thoughts that are having a significant impact in the visualization.

Some of the visualization technique takes the time to master it. If someone is looking for a meditation alternative then, there are visualization exercises. These exercises are also effective in training one’s mind to visualize properly.


Praveen Kumar

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