How to Get Kundalini Shaktipat Initiation?

How to Get Kundalini Shaktipat Initiation?

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Shaktipat Initiation

The effect of Kundalini shaktipat varies from person to person. Even though the descendent energy is the same in the transmission, the effect varies with respect to one's capacity and karmic background.

According to a person's spiritual evolvement, it manifests differently in different people. It is 7 types according to the Kashmir Shaivism. This ranges from the instant liberation to the gradual liberation that may take many lifetimes.

Instant liberation means that the receiver leaves his physical body with the glimpse of the divine and gets united with the Supreme Being. The intensity of this state is that of the supreme grace.

This should not be considered as the classical way of Kundalini Shaktipat Initiation.

The intermediate state is that the yogi who is spiritually illuminated and the liberation takes place only at his will. This yogi needs only a spiritual presence to awaken his kundalini.

The final state is that the aspirant requires many lifetimes to realize his self and need to be initiated in many lifetimes and finally gets united with the Divine. There are also other states which come in between these types. (Read also 4 Methods of Shaktipat Transmission in Yoga)

If one’s kundalini is awakened his liberation is possible in this lifetime or after few lifetimes depending upon his spiritual evolvement and perseverance.

Are there any Necessary Steps to Receive Shaktipat?

Usually, through the shaktipat, all the blockages in the gross body and the subtle body are released. Hence, it is considered as the safest and fastest method.

There are few trusts that initiate the kundalini through the shaktipat process; mostly they advise few preliminary steps that have to be given importance.

Prior to shaktipat initiation, few physical exercises and asanas have to be practiced for few weeks and to be continued. This enhances the pranic circulations thus avoiding any complications resulted with the arousal.

They will also advise having a control and moderation over the bodily activities like work, sleep and eating for few days. It is also recommended to abstain from the sexual activities.

One should have a pure vegetarian diet for few days before and after shaktipat that can influence the kundalinchakras as explained in the book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” with scientific analysis. Avoiding these simple steps for few days perhaps does not lead any complications, or else verily the result of kundalini awakening will take you to its highest realms.

Shaktipat Kriyas

Kriyas are the mystical experiences and emotional reactions to the kundalini awakening. Typically kriyas are subtle in the shaktipat transmission.

For most of the kundalini shaktipat receivers, it has been felt like gentle warmth and an electrical circulation in the body. They could see an inner light that may result in mystical sensations.

For few others they see various intensities of light or visions, they may hear unexplainable mystical sounds or even pleasant fragrances or sweetness in their mouth. Sometimes they will spontaneously go into the deep state of meditation for hours.

There are also some kriyas that are experienced in the extreme physical. Due to the burst of the kundalini energy, they would jump like a frog, their bodies sway out as if like any external spirit possessed their body.

They cry or laugh out uncontrollably. They may utter out certain sounds seems like mantras that they have never come with. They may also spontaneously perform certain asanas or bandhas which are unfamiliar to them.

These extreme kriyas occur as the part of the purification of the Nadis in the subtle body. It is said that as when the blockages are severe the kriyas experienced are at the extreme end. The presence of these blockages and impurities are not to be considered as only the part of their lifetime but indeed accumulated through the innumerable lifetimes. (Read also How to Practice Kundalini Meditation?)

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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