How to Increase Prana Energy?


What is Prana in Yoga?

Breathing is a natural process in living beings. This breath is inevitable and it maintains life in the living creatures. This breath is the gross aspect and prana which is the vital force is the subtle aspect in that.

Manifestation of Prana

Prana is the intrinsic force that exists in the universe.  It is intimately connecting everything and it is present everywhere in the cosmos. It is stated that the prana is related to the mind; through the mind to the will; through the will of the individual soul; and the individual soul to the Supreme Being.

Types of Prana According to Yoga

This prana vitalizes living beings. This prana has different names according to its distinct functions in the human being. According to yoga, this prana is located in different regions representing the chakras or energy centers and hence allotted with different functions.

  1. Prana – Anahata chakra
  2. Apana – Muladhara chakra
  3. Samana – Manipura chakra
  4. Udana – vishuddha chakra
  5. Vyana – svadhisthana chakra

Controlling Prana in Yoga

In the book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” I said that the atmosphere itself carries vital living energy called ‘Orgone’ which has been revealed scientifically by William Reich. Through this vital breath, our body unconsciously reacts and responds to this subtle energy. Since prana is the gateway to the subtle aspects, thus by restraining the breath one can get control of the subtle life force. This process is known as pranayama in yoga and it is one of the elementary practices of yoga. Practicing pranayama brings a quick purification of the Nadis in human beings. Hence, this is the first part, to begin with.

It is said that the mind is manifested through prana. By controlling this vital life force, one can certainly control his mind. By controlling this subtle life force, one can attain total harmony in the body, mind, and soul. (see Siddhis or Mystical Powers)

The parapsychological aspects of the mind such as telepathy, mind-reading, distant vision, psychic cure are the siddhis that can be attained by totally controlling this prana. If one knows the subtle principle of the working of the prana, then he can know the secret of the universal prana. Hence, prana is the life force and power of the cosmos, and one who knows this clearly is the yogi. He can master over all the manifestations of power in the universe. (see Is Telepathy a Psychic Power?)

Influence of Prana in the Life Aspects

The power of a person is nothing more than the power of the prana. Every person has different levels of this subtle life energy which naturally influences them in their lifetime. You can see that some people are very more powerful in life. They can control others and are highly influential. This is where these people are unconsciously utilizing this subtle pranic energy. The yogi who has mastered the secrets of prana can influence them even more powerful by consciously controlling the subtle life force which might be in a spontaneous manner.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and a guide for those who seek the path in this field.