How Numerology Reading Affects Life?

How Numerology Reading Affects Life?

Numerology Reading

Reasons Why Some People Like To Hear Numerology Reading

Everything already happened had a cause, the happenings, and the things that going to happen in the future will certainly have a cause. The psychic readings along with the numerology readings are the unclear techniques that are to decipher the effect from the cause.

However, it doesn’t have any empirical support. But, there are also a few matters that are far from the apprehension of present science.


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Let you just imagine this incident. You engage with your daily activities. These routine activities go on for months where you have a couple of unsolved problems in life.

Once, incidentally, you met a person. He had a natural charm in his words.

It seems, his gentle smile keeps away the unacquaintedness of a stranger. His eyes were brighter. You talked with him and realized that he was a mystic. (Read also Proven Ways to Use Your Sixth Sense Mind Power Techniques)

On conversation, he remarked something positive about your future indirectly. And, you interpreted it with your intuition. He spoke about something that was secret to you. It seems logical.

Normally, you would become skeptical. Your mind will have two types of thoughts.

One type of thought is favoring such beliefs as a result of the involvement of the irrational qualities of mind (like superstitions). The other thoughts, completely rational that doesn't depend on any belief and entirely rely on the solid facts.

This is the nature of mind. Your mind constructs the panoramic picture around you depending on your perception controlled by the mind (brain). It doesn’t require realities. It includes the sphere of mysticism and science.

How rational you are, yet your mind can be deceived. Your mind creates a belief depending on your experiences, nature of the mental state, social conditions and other similar factors.

“There is a great difference between trust and belief,

trust is personal,

belief is social” - Osho.

The survey showed that above 50% of the population indicated some sort of involvement in psychic, astrology, numerology, related paranormal and pseudoscientific activities.

It’s not necessary to believe in it. But, it is the natural quality of mind to interact with anything interesting.

Numerology deals with abstract numbers. As I mentioned in the book “Crack the Hidden Laws of Life” the numbers are the representation of the facts and realities. The changes in the nature of the number system don’t affect its overall results.

Numbers define nature. Even the beauty is determined by the number “Golden Ratio”. So it’s reasonable to believe that everything is interrelated to these numbers, and these figures have some secret codes to reveal.

When something falls under the rational analysis of brain we say it as scientific and the rest as hypothetical or irrational.

I am saying this because, commonly, people consider these pseudoscientific activities as superstitious, yet some people involve in it.

It’s not necessary to have a basis on the factual realities. But the mind feels some sort of conviction in it when it relates to life events.

It depends on how you perceive such things and also the psychologically driven conditions. There are many factors that trigger people to involve in numerology. Anything that is in deep connection with the emotional mind is an addiction.

Everyone needs to feel great and secure. And, its result is the popularity of such products in spirituality and self-help.

Amazingly, this product "Numerologist - Fully Personalized" falls among the first 5 ranks in the ClickBank (Now Top 1). This shows that people are not superstitious rather the curious nature of mind drives them to it. The mind is the composition of the rational and irrational thoughts.

These are the few factors how astrology and numerology influence the people (not for all mindset), whether they believe in it or not.

1. Inclined Towards Positive Things in Life

It is the inherent nature of human to seek happiness in life. It is possible only through the positive things.

Thus, those who seek happiness, anticipate on positive things to happen in life. You do your duty on expecting something that brings you contentment and security in life for a short term or long term. If it doesn’t happen as anticipated, your mental state depends on upon how you respond to it.

Generally, people involved in numerology to consider the positive things by neglecting the negative things in life. They are just eager to know about the trustworthiness of their dreams or something that supports their expectations.

For some people, it provides a temporary mental support when things go on as expected.

2. Resonate With Your Desires

You engage and share posts in the social network when it induces some emotions in you. It resonates with your feelings and thoughts. Such contents have maximum social interactions thereby making it viral.

There are few common psychological factors among the majority of people that invoke the same positive emotions. That’s why contents like “8 Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid in Social Settings” had driven several thousands of visitors.

You would feel lively when something is there to support your desires. It doesn’t matter whether it is superstitious or sensible. You require only a psychological support that has a basis in your belief.

It is one of the facts that people would love to hear their personal readings when it resonates with their thoughts, emotions, desires and life purpose. It might be even for fun. It ascertains some sort of genuineness and reliability to the desires.

3. Induce Positive Emotions

For those people, in the state of many failures, and getting depressed with the life activities, the psychic readings induce temporary positive feelings in the mind and a sense of optimism. (Read also 6 Reasons Positive Thinking Doesn't Yield the Desired Result)

It depends on the psychic’s ability to weaken the negative thoughts and strengthen the positive emotions. If the readings are not favorable, he ensures to deliver it in a positive way.

4. Get Some Motivation

Let suppose that you are desperate in your life. Despite hard work, you encountered many failures in your life. At some point, you might feel that everything is happening against your wish. You are losing your hope.

In such cases, some people are very much influenced by the soothe Sayers. You heard that a psychic’s readings have an accuracy of about 60%. That is 60% of what he told was effective.

When such person tells something about your career in a positive way or mentions something commonly on your zodiac sign. You would have a speck of faith in your mind. As been desperate you would feel some sense of motivation. (Read also 3 Ways Highly Successful People Get Motivated In Life)

It uplifts you to proceed further with vigor. This could happen only if you have a subconscious belief system that favors few paranormal principles.

5. Mind Tries to Fill the Missing Link

It is the psychological fact that our mind tries to fill the missing link. If you tell a story to a person that is incomplete or having some discrepancies, thoughts rush in the person’s mind instantly in order to fill the missing link in the story.

Our life has many unknown areas. The mind tries to fill it logically and unscientifically. For example, how do you know you are the self? You can answer it in both ways of your choice.

Numerology is one of the ways used to fill some of the unknown areas of life.

6. Mind Get Attached with Unpredictable Things

The curiosity is the foremost factor. The studies showed that, when the owner is unpredictable, the dogs get very much attached to him. And, where being predictable is less attractive.

Unpredictable things make your mind alert. It tries to settle down by conceiving the unpredictable events as predictable that which seems logical to the mind. So it’s common to linger around with such topics even for fun.

7. Mind Likes to Keep Away Uncertainties in Life

Those who created their destiny say that “you create your own destiny”. Every minor event has something to do with your fate. Let it be determinism or free will, the man likes to keep away from uncertainties in life. (Read also Free Will and Determinism in Science and Philosophy)

Future is unknown. Even for fantasy, some people would like to know some of their upcoming positive events in life.

However, life is uncertain, where the death is certain. Your mind focusses on making everything certain, even what to do in the next minute to a certainty is the task of mind.

8. Susceptible to the Social Proof

Our mind is aligned with the social element. It’s genetically tuned in that way.

We feel a sense of confidence with ease in any matter if there’s a social proof. That’s why all business strives to gain the trust of people by exhibiting their social proofs. And, the social proof no needs to ascertain its authenticity, because it cannot grow in the fake environment.

The astrology and numerology are unclear mystical concepts. Nevertheless, people still believe in mysticism, along with the inability to discriminate superstitions from the workable activities – similar to yoga and tantra.

The psychic reading is very popular in the world. It has the highest bidding in the advertisement. It’s because people have some psychological satisfaction in it. The above-mentioned points are among the few reasons.

Whether it has a scientific support or not, when there is a social proof, such things come on arising. And, this product "Numerologist - Fully Personalized" is its direct evidence.


Praveen Kumar

Praveen is the founder and editor at MindOrbs, an online magazine about personal development, yoga, meditation, spirituality, health, and wellness. He is a postgraduate in Physics, author, and entrepreneur. He is a kundalini practitioner for more than 15 years.