How to Set High Expectations for Yourself?

How to Set High Expectations for Yourself?

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Expectations are the fuel that makes you ride your life into the future. Expectations are wrapped in the aim, ambition, and desire that gives the profound meaning to your life. This is noted as the self-fulfilling prophecy by the sociologist R.K Merton. These high expectations are responsible for the high achievements in the life.

Apart from the mere expectations that are favorable or unfavorable, there are other qualities that really meant in your life. Everyone will be having the dreams of their future events that they wish to come true. These expectations are the one that is having more fondness with your aim and your life purpose. These expectations can be minor and major that are seen in the sphere of life. As when seen from the view of karma yoga one has to throw away the attachment towards the reward of expectations that which is the quality of the yogic personalities.

Minor and Major Expectations

The minor expectations are those which are the short term one that perhaps does not have any profound sense for the future life. These are the expectations as like the following sequential one to your ultimate goal; i.e., expecting to meet your beloved ones after long days; to experience the joy or outcome of your accomplished little task tomorrow.

The major expectations are those that make you what you are, and that continued in the survival or excellence in that state. It is important to control your mind to become successful in achieving those aims and fulfilling your expectations. Those expectations are the backbone of your self-esteem. Fail to fulfill it results in the fluctuation in your self-esteem thus reducing your self-confidence. Stress arises when you lose hope in success. Finally, the accumulated stress gives rise to depression. The stress caused by the major expectations is higher than the stress caused by the minor expectations.

Role of Meditation in Controlling Your Mind to Become Successful

Meditation is a powerful tool to control your mind to become successful when used it effectively. This helps you to get in focus with your goals and gives a strong background of faith in your abilities to reach success. On the way to success, you may be subjected to a tremendous amount of negativity and criticism which are inexorable in the path. These even divert your mind from the aim or even develop a false belief in your goals.

Meditation not only has control over these aspects, it even has more control over their subconscious mind that can be forged through the strong belief for successfully attaining your goals. (see How to Practice Kundalini Meditation)

State of Mind and Attitude Towards Success

The man gives more value to the success as it is the only one aspect or a state of mind among many failures. This success can be materialistic or inflated egos that are bestowed with the desire. This ego or superficial desire is the state of mind which has a subsequent flow that looks for a higher state in success. That is why most of the millionaires and billionaires still strive to collect more money even though their earned money is more than enough to feed thousands for more than a century.

It is known in psychology that it is easy for the mind to set in a certain emotion that occurs frequently. Training the mind to attain certain emotional state makes the mind more attached and adapt to that state. This is similar in the case of success too.

Laziness and Ignorance Obstruct in the Path Towards Success

The intellect and intuition make the human beings as the unique and mighty creation from the rest of the living beings. Each and every individual is bestowed with the necessary potential to achieve a certain task. It is only the laziness and ignorance that prevent one from achieving certain goals that are encountered primarily in the path.  A clear vision and motivation can obviously wipe out this laziness that obstructs the path towards success.

The second one is the ignorance that is the lack of the sufficient knowledge in the particular field or area. It is here the intellect and experiences come into being. This gives you a hand when you get stuck in your path. It is the knowledge that helps to explore the way to control your mind to become successful. (Read also What is the Mentality of the Most Successful People?)

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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