How to Transfer Psychic Energy through Hands?

How to Transfer Psychic Energy through Hands?

Transfer Psychic Energy Hands

Energy Healing Techniques Using Hands (Reiki)

This is a traditional yogic process of transferring energy. The Reiki healing process uses psychospiritual techniques to transfer energy. This energy is usually transmitted through the hands having minor energy centers.

The psychic power is usually transmitted externally through the three organs from the body. They are the eyes, hands, and feet. Apart from this mind plays a prominent role in transmitting this power which is unavoidable when it is done through the above organs.

The energy transferred to the hands and the feet are the only short-range. Hence, the hands are placed 1 to 4’’ inches near to the body to which the energy is to be transferred.

The psychic power transferred through the eyes is the long-range as the focusing and concentrating on the object or the body is required. Note that this energy has no dimension of energy mentioned in physical science. It is a metaphysical concept. Even the kundalini energy doesn't come under such scientific concepts.

In Indian tradition, there is a custom of giving blessings to the belongings. To do that the person places the palm near to their head or focuses on their body. This could initiate the transfer of positive energy to the receiver by a mere thought, word, or intention.

This can be seen in the sculptors and cravings in the Indian temples and holy places. Transferring energy through the hands has a prominent role in the activation of the kundalini superpower. It is the kundalini Shakti-pat process. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa has initiated the kundalini power in his disciple Swami Vivekananda by the touch of his toe in his third eye. (See How to Receive Shaktipat Grace?)

One can also transfer energy to others by breathing upon them. The hands and feet are capable of absorbing and projecting the spiritual energy. It is the pranic energy that is involved in the absorption and projection. This is the source of life energy in all living creatures.

One can also heal others by using this psychic energy, but the effect depends on the receiver’s karmic background. This healing process also includes other living entities such as animals and plants as mentioned in the Reiki healing. ( Read also What is Prana In Yoga? )

Everything is energy and realizing every act of it is the way to do remarkable things in life. Every act of mind manifestation comes under it. This is the same energy that plays a different role in different areas of life. Check out the '15 Minute Manifestation' for detailed experiences. It's working mechanism has a basis on what we call the mind power.


The yogic meditation practitioners are having higher positive energies where the pranic energy in them is much higher than the ordinary people. This also enhances the biomagnetism in them. The biomagnetism is the life force magnetism present in all living entities. You can perceive it using some scientific equipment.

Method to Experience Biomagnetism

Place your hands each other facing the palms 2 to 4’’ inches apart. Hold the hands in that position for 2 to 3 minutes without shaking or disturbing it.

Now slowly move the hands to and fro from each other. Don’t move the hands completely from each other, instead, you have to move to and fro only for few millimeters.

Here, you can feel the magnetism in between your palms. This is the biomagnetism or Aura and the kundalini meditation practices can increase its potency. This is the psi energy in Buddhist texts.

One can also perceive this force by circling the palm of the hands in opposite directions which are placed to each other as mentioned above. This biomagnetism is also responsible for the strength of the pranic energies in the body.

Steps for Reiki Healing with the Hands Energy

The yoga says that the yogi receives the spiritual energy from the cosmos through the Sahasrara chakra. This psychic power passes through the Ajna, vishuddha, and in Anahata chakra.

The received energy is then transferred to the hands from the Anahata chakra. The hands have minor energy centers in connection with the major psychic centers. (see Minor Energy Centers in the Human Body)

The center of the palm has two are two important chakras. These chakras project the pranic energy through the tip of the fingers. That is why to practice certain exercises one has to close all the fingertips to block the projection of energy.

The necessary steps to note in the transmission of this spiritual power.

  • Initially, one has to clean the hands and make sure dirt free.
  • The person should not apply any pressure. The calm and relaxed state is better.
  • Bring all the fingers close to each other along with the thumb. This will focus and intensify the pranic energy. This is an important aspect as this creates a stronger flow of energy. By bringing the hands in the pyramidal structure, enhances the flow of energy by the pyramidal effect as shown in the figure. (see Why is Padmasana the Best Posture for Meditation?)
  • The receiver as well as the giver experience a gentle warmth in the transmission of energy. One can also feel a sense of vibration in the hand chakras, crawling sensations in the palm, etc.
  • It takes 3 to 4 minutes to pass the energy to the affected part of the body as per the Reiki process.
  • There is the possibility of the influence of the negative energy as this also serves as the absorber of energy. If such things obstruct shake your hand. This helps to get rid of such obstructions.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and moreover a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


Praveen Kumar

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