How to Visit Temple According to Tantra?

How to Visit Temple According to Tantra?

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Energy Flow in Indian Temples?

In ancient philosophical texts like Upanishads, the body is also termed as the temple where the soul resides. The legitimacy of the soul is apparent through the karmic (action) activities of the body. This nature is different for each and every person. The power, supremacy and divine nature of the soul can be perceived through the physical body.

The monumental creations such as the ancient architectural temples are also not a different form where the power of the divine entity is perceived. This serves as the mediator where the tremendous positive energy is transmitted. This energy can be fully benefited for those who abide by the intricacies of nature i.e., who has a clear mentality such as one who leaves a truthful life without harming anything intentionally.

The energy noted here is a hypothetical energy noted in spirituality and does not belong to the energy exhibited by the known four fundamental forces of nature. This is the energy or work done in the supernatural events. It is the same mental energy used by the Guru to initiate the kundalini in the aspirant with a mere touch; by pointing his hand or finger; through a look or thought. (See 4 Methods of Shaktipat Transmission in Yoga)

This is the energy made used in the siddhis, where the amount of work is done in levitating the body of a yogi in space and are correlated with all other forms of energy. This is the same form of energy experienced in the sacred places of all religions. But this is not the electromagnetic waves or energy noted by the religious people those who are ignorant of physics.

The customs followed in temples is a pseudo-scientific practice noted in the Tantra Sastra and continued through the ages. The genuineness of the practice should be inferred in the ancient texts.

Tantra Sastra is one of the unfathomable findings of the man related with the real and unreal; natural and supernatural; spiritual and physical world making one difficult to discriminate between the rational and superstitious activities of life where the aesthetic principles of yoga and kundalini are originated.

In this ancient text, it is noted that whatever be the god or goddess, it is certain that the believer eventually comes to the universal Supreme at the end. This is the state where the believer experiences the unity in everything. This is the all-pervading oneness energy which is beyond the apparent and perceivable phenomenon of the ordinary human consciousness. When a person reaches such a state he can see that all the perceivable and apparent matter in the cosmos are residing in this Supreme and it belongs to it.

Method to Receive Energy from the Temples

It is verified that the pyramid is the most stable shape on the Earth. To change the position of a triangular pyramid from any of its resting positions to other requires very much force when compared with the other geometrical structure made of the same material and mass. This pyramid has also another nature that this shape is responsible for receiving the largest amount of spiritual energies from the cosmos. That is why the tomb of the ancient architectural temples and the holy places are made similar to this shapes. This structure also has a close connection with the padmasana posture. (see Why Padmasana is the Best Posture for Meditation? )

These below principles are few of the aspects of Tantra Sastra and are not based on scientific studies.

In the case of Indian temples, an idol is placed below in the line of vertical from the core of the tomb. This idol serves as the direct receiver of the cosmic power which is transmitted through the pyramidal structure. This energy is then radiated from the idol as the swirls of currents. ( see How to Transmit Energy Through Hands?)

This form of energy received by the devotee is the spiritual energy. Hence, the mental state of a person plays a vital role in receiving this power on visiting the temple. Receiving this form of energy has also certain steps and actions that have to be done.

  • He should be pure physically, which in turn gives the purity and pleasance in his mind.

  • He should be able to control his wandering mind in that presence.

  • This can be done placing the mind in the almighty or continuously thinking of the divine aspect of the idol.

  • Or else positioning the mind in a single pointed concentration, without the interruption of any of the external thoughts at least for sometimes before the idol.

  • The devotee should be positioned in such a way that he has to face the front view of the idol by positioning his body forty-five degrees angle with the idol from any of the sides viewed from the front. He should not be in such a position as that of face to face with the idol.

This is one of the practices and procedures in Tantra Sastra and there are also different methods mentioned.The articles on this website are based on the psychological, philosophical and scientific research. This website is presented with the articles related to the various aspects of Yoga and meditation practices, health and wellness, self-help and spirituality.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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