Love Meditation Techniques of Yoga to Control Mind

Love Meditation Techniques of Yoga to Control Mind

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As per psychology, love is a different deep passionate affection for another person. This can also be described as an emotional compassionate state of mind towards the other being. The feelings that got triggered in the mind are due to the result of chemical changes taking place in the body which result from bodily hormones. Love is reasonably elicited more by chemically rather than physically.

There are three prominent psychological theories regarding love. These theories viz. Lee’s theory, Sternberg’s triangular theory, and attachment style theory are presented with the comprehensive description of love. The Lee’s theory describes the six basic romantic love styles.  Sternberg’s theory states about the combinations of three components intimacy, passion, and commitment. The combination of the three components results in the nature of the love and it is differentiated according to their ratios. Even though these theories present an empirical explanation of love still it remains as an elusive fact of subjective experiences. 

By knowing the nature of the mind and the rules that govern them, one can easily control someone to love them. Interested readers can refer this book "How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You?" which is not equipped with the intuitive tricks but endowed with the systems that are backed up with psychology and scientific research. There are different forms of love such as love towards parents, brothers, sisters, and friends or even towards pet animals or other living creatures and nature.

Love Meditation Techniques

The beginner in yogic practice can notice the changes of the mind that are taking place in him. He can clearly experience that he is not easily affected by the unwanted emotions and the feeling which may instantly take control over the mind. This ancient spiritual practice is naturally rooted in the process of slowing down the frequency of mental waves. That is why such personalities are less influenced by such feelings. The fluctuations of thoughts, different emotional state, and feelings, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are the traits that can be seen in the higher frequency mental waves. At this state, the control over the mind becomes probably impossible and possibly the subconscious part of it plays a dominant role. But the yogic practices give him the vigor to endure all types of complications that arise from the life situations.

Passionate love could probably lead to obsessiveness that is got triggered with the pleasant experiences. The aspirant who is practicing yoga can encounter these pleasant feelings without any hesitation by understanding his mind which he has more control than the ordinary people.

Understanding and controlling the mind through meditation is not an easy process. This is involved with more actions which may take quite some time. By understating the nature of human mind through psychology and underlying these principles to the life, problems is the easy step for those who don't involve in yogic practices.

Unlike the other emotional experiences, love is placed in a higher realm and it is considered as the sattvic quality. It is not the romantic love but a divine love that free one from all bondages, desires, and sorrows.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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