Manipura Chakra Meditation and Mantra

Manipura Chakra Meditation and Mantra

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Manipura Chakra Location

Manipura chakra is the third level energy center which is situated in the navel area. This psychic center is also located in the Sushumna Nadi. This Manipura has control over the organs near to navel area. There are ten nadis in this energy center corresponding to the petals of the lotus. The subtle vibrations produced by these nadis are given by the sounds as dam, dtam, nam, tham, tam, dham, kdham, nem, pam, pham.

This energy center is related with the solar plexus of the human body and the seed mantra is Ram.

It is said that meditating in this chakra has the power to cure the diseases and the physical defects of the body which do not exist during the birth. This psychic center also has presiding deity; color etc. according to the philosophical aspects described in certain texts. These colors are not merely physical aspects but probably seen while meditating in this Manipura.  The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” describes the experiences related with meditation in the Manipura chakra.

There are also minor energy centers located very near to this Manipura. The higher leap of consciousness begins from this spiritual center as the yogi raises the power to Anahata Chakra. The term ‘manipura’ is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘mani’ and ‘pura’ which means jewel and city; therefore it gives the meaning city of jewels.

Nature of Manipura Chakra

The pancreas is the endocrine gland associated with the Manipura chakra. This psychic center has control over the body temperature and it is related to the fire element of nature. This is the center where the pranic energy will be in high potential and it is noted as the storehouse for prana by the yogis. The Shaolin Monks also consider this as an important center. According to them, the ‘chi’ energy which is similar and resembled with the prana in the yoga lies there.

This center is related with the digestion and assimilation, as that of converting the food materials into energy. Hence, any blockages in this energy center lead to some of the body disorders like digestive disorder, liver dysfunction, diabetes etc.

Psychological Aspects of Manipura Chakra

This Manipura chakra is responsible for the self-conscious of one’s being, that is the personality of being him. The strong willpower and the mental activity are correlated with this energy center.

The malfunction of this psychic center can result in aggression, depression, mood swings and makes one’s willpower to shrink and the uncontrollable thoughts could take over. Supplying required energy through the meditation or the Reiki healing process can clear such anomalies related with it. (See How to Practice Kundalini Meditation)

Power of Manipura

As I told before in this article, this is the energy center which is associated with the heating element. Meditating in this energy center enables the yogi to produce the excess heat which could leave their body unaffected in the extreme cold climatic conditions. It seems like that they were in the ordinary climatic conditions.

In the Himalayas, the yogis use such power to melt the snows which they were sitting on it. They even dry the wet clothes on their body in a short time as the moisture in their clothes getting vaporized can be seen.

The psychic presence of this energy center is responsible for the fire-walkers in India where they are unharmed when they walk through almost 1000 degree Celsius temperature. This also includes dipping the hands in the molten lead, boiling oil etc. without any burn.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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