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Past Life Stories Reincarnation Truth

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Why Children Talk About Their Past Lives?

”Airplane… airplane crash, I am not small…I was big” a child uttered. When he began to speak, the airplane was the first word he used.

Is there anything skeptical in the above sentence?...... It’s a real incident regarding children’s past life memories. It seems skeptical for those who are not flexible with their comprehension, as nothing unusual can happen beyond the realm of science that contradicts their beliefs. For those who are more perceptible to the beliefs of their indigenous principles make them coordinate with it even without the scientific shreds of evidence.

Children talking about their past life experiences (PLEs) are common and natural in different societies around the world. In the present age, such cases could be tracked down very easily and could validate the genuineness of the result.  More investigation has undergone in children’s past life memories that led to a more surprising result.

When the past life memories are examined they could find a strong correspondence with the ceased persons as per the information was given by the child but science couldn’t explain the gap between death and birth.

Scientists believe that nothing works apart from the laws of nature. Even that unresolved mysteries will be certainly solved in a piece of paper while digging deep into the root cause of the mysteries. But some mysteries are limited by the latent knowledge and can be preceded only when implementing advanced techniques to explore it.

 “It is ignorance and lack of flexibility of the mind to confess such cases as unreal. Even if provided with the evidence which might be a coincidence of possibility with the unfilled gaps in science. This makes the incident mysterious. There are many areas in which science couldn’t explore in detail, so it doesn’t mean that such phenomena do not exist.”

Why children talk about their past lives is a mysterious question that relies on psychological and philosophical explanations. ( Read also The Science of Kundalini)

Children’s Past Life Experiences, Psychological View

Studies on children’s past lives were done by eminent psychologist Ian Stevenson, Jim Tucker, Carol Bowman and few others. The book "Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child" shows the in-depth analysis of the studies conducted by the Bowman. And also, the studies done by Dr. Stevenson were presented in the book “Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect” provides physical evidence for the validity of the studies.

According to them, children aged between 2 and 7 years shows the vivid memories of past life experiences. Their talk regarding past life experiences was spontaneous without any involvement of hypnosis or past life regression therapy. Such memories fade away after the age of 7, or else, perhaps affect the children as phobias and other psychological problems.

The studies were conducted in which the children are exposed to the role of some of the psychological characteristics of fantasies, day-dreaming, attention seeking, etc. as such children show more phenomena in which more of them are psychological problems. Yet certain cases could not be eliminated.

The result of the studies shows that

  1. Eighty percent of the noted cases of children’s past life memories shows the event of an unnatural death like murder, accident, war-related or any other violent death.
  2. Most of the provided information about children’s past life experience matches exactly with the examined data of the prior real personalities. This not only has a high degree of correspondence but more precise in the details provided by the child.
  3. The children could give more details about the events at the end of their life as if they died as an adult they were more likely to talk about their spouse and children.

If such cases are tenable, -- there are other cases in which the results are more surprising.

One of the Stevenson’s studies was to a three years old Thailand boy. He used to say that he was a school teacher and was shot dead on the way to school on his bicycle. He could also name the village where he lived in his past life that was miles away from his home.

The details of the ceased person were collected and examined. The details exactly suit with the information given by the young boy. The noted person was shot dead from his back where the bullet passed from the back of his head with a small round entry wound and a large irregular shaped exit wound on his forehead.

The striking correspondence is that the boy was born with two birthmarks that correspond to the above case with a small round birthmark on the back of his head and a larger irregular mark on his forehead.

In the advancement of science and technology, such cases are the one that makes more suspicion and are reflected in the indigenous beliefs that lack profound elucidations. The studies could report only the apparent phenomena and the rest are subjected to the philosophical intuitions.

The transfer of consciousness from one life to another is completely unknown to the science which requires a factual explanation. Science hinders here. The reincarnation in the philosophy (Yoga Shastra) suits with its explanation that it elucidates about the emotions, memories, behavior, phobias, talents, aim and circumstances carried over from one life to the other. (Read also Unlocking the Mysteries of Astral Body)

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


Praveen Kumar

Praveen is the founder and editor at MindOrbs, an online magazine about personal development, yoga, meditation, spirituality, health, and wellness. He is a postgraduate in Physics, author, and entrepreneur. He is a kundalini practitioner for more than 15 years.