Powerful Healing Mantras to Activate and Balance Chakras

Powerful Healing Mantras to Activate and Balance Chakras

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Chakra Healing Meditation and Mantras for the Unbalanced

The chakras are the subtle energy centers in the human body. They are the energy grids and influence all the functions of the human body through the endocrine system. The function of these chakras affects all the physical and mental activities of a person. It is responsible for the well-being and when its balance gets altered uneasiness will be caused and, therefore, it has to be balanced. The healing mantras that are encompassed to activate and balance the chakras are the form of mantra yoga.

The mantras are the system of

  1. Positive self-hypnosis,
  2. Vibration of thought,
  3. Vibration of sound, and
  4. The vibration of electro-spiritual energy.

The most powerful of mantras are the vibration of energy and vibration of certain sound and thought where the seed mantras (bija) are composed of. The positive self-hypnosis and vibration of thoughts and words are the basis for the positive effect in mind. (Read also 5 Ways of Psychic Energies You Feel in Holy Places)

The chakras are implicitly connected with the endocrine glands relative to its location and control the functions of the organs in their vicinity. Any imbalance in the energy of these chakras reflects as the malfunction of the organs with the increased or decreased activities.

There are also certain psychological behaviors associated with these chakras. The ordinary psychological qualities such as fear, anxiety, jealousy, etc. are the qualities of the lower chakras. The noble qualities such as generosity, kindness, love, etc. are the qualities of the higher chakras.

The imbalance in these chakras not only alters the psychological qualities of a person but also affects his total well-being. His harmony with the body, mind, and nature will be altered which will probably cause his energy to drain out and eventually falls into the hands of diseases and discomfort.

Healing the Chakras

There are different methods to balance these chakras. The spiritual healing is one of the popular methods used widely. The chakras vibrate in the astral plane with certain frequencies that exhibit electro-spiritual force. The ancient yogis could discover this frequency and thereby, the suitable mantras were developed. The imbalance is caused by the change in the natural energy frequency of the chakras. The frequencies of the mantras form a harmony with it and balance them.

The bija mantras are the simple one syllable, yet effective and powerful mantras to activate and balance the Kundalini chakras. These mantras are the quantum of vibrational energy that ends with sound ‘M’ that is coordinated with the natural frequencies of the chakras.

Meditate on these simple and powerful mantras, so that the frequency of the mantras could tune your corresponding chakras.

Muladhara Chakra

Situated at the base of the spine and it is represented with the earth element. The sense of smell is the qualities assigned to this energy center. Hence, the smell can influence the chakra and certain aroma can also balance it. The imbalance in this energy center results in feeling not grounded, aggression, depression, weakness, fear, lethargy, etc.

The bija mantra is ‘LAM’.

Sit in a meditative posture and concentrate on Muladhara chakra. Chant the mantras in the mind while breathing in as ‘LAMMMMMMMM’ for the duration of 10 seconds. Repeat the procedure for 6 more breaths.

Svadhisthana Chakra

Situated two inches below the navel and it is represented with the water element. The increased activity of this center could cause increased sexual desires and sexual addictions. The sense of taste is the qualities assigned to this chakra. The imbalance in the chakra results in loss of interest, sexual repression, feeling addictive, etc. Also, practicing bandha konasana can help in balancing this energy center.

The bija mantra is ‘VAM’.

Repeat the same procedures mentioned for Muladhara chakra.

Manipura Chakra

Situated in the level to the navel and it corresponds with the solar plexus. This chakra is considered as the storehouse of prana and can control the temperature of the body as it is represented with the fire element. The sense of sight is the qualities assigned with this chakra. The imbalance in the chakra results in the lack of concentration, forgetfulness, negative emotions, etc. and can also balance by doing meditation or the using the method of Reiki healing.

The bija mantra is ‘RAM’.

Anahata Chakra

It is situated in the center of the chest and it is represented with the air element. It has control over the respiratory system of the body. The sense of touch is the qualities assigned to this energy center. The imbalance in the chakra results in greediness, loneliness, jealousy, etc.

The bija mantra is ‘YAM’.

Visuddha Chakra

This is located in the throat of the human body and sound is the qualities assigned to it. This chakra is responsible for purifying the mind. The imbalance in the chakra results in the restfulness, confusion, feeling of negativity, etc. This energy center is represented by the space element.

The bija mantra is ‘HAM’.

Ajna Chakra

It is situated in between the eyebrows and attributed with the sixth and seventh senses. This energy center is responsible for the reasoning and intellectual ability of a person. The imbalance in this chakra results in hallucination, day-dreaminess, loss of imagination, narrow-mindedness, etc.

The bija mantra is ‘AUM’.

Sahasrara Chakra

This spiritual center is situated in the crown of the head and is concerned with the spiritual values more than the physical values. As this chakra is more concerned about the spiritual progression of a person, therefore, an imbalance in this chakra do not necessarily reflect his physical wellbeing.

There is no bija mantra for this chakra and it is represented with complete silence.


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