Proven Ways to Increase Intelligence

Proven Ways to Increase Intelligence

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How to Become Genius?

Intelligence made humans superior to all the creatures. The scientist found that – brain which is the residing place for intellect has shrunken for about 10% for the last few millenniums -- it has diminished with an average about 1500cc to 1350cc.

Does, only the ratio of the size of the brain to the size of the body (Encephalization Quotient) determines the brain power? Scroll down to find some of its significant details.

The power of imagination which is superior to the knowledge and uses this knowledge that is correlated with the memory of factual data is the basis for the outburst of the intelligence. Retaining the new data and use it as the source for analyzing the complexities of nature and natural phenomena and continuing to the next level of exploration with the acquired new information relies upon the brain power.

The role of knowledge as one of the foundations of the creative imagination or higher intelligence is an undisputable fact.

Einstein remarked that “Knowledge is Power and Imagination is Powerful”.

Here we are considering the intellect as the indispensable channel to develop innovative ideas, skills, and creativity.

Scientific Research on Human Brain

The human brain is the network of billions of interconnected neurons and one of the most complex systems for the researcher. Functions of the brain are completely unknown to the scientist, yet there are many valuable discoveries. One of its aspects is the connection between the intelligence and the brain’s synaptic activity.

The brain develops new neuronal connections while developing new skills and the neuroscientist has proved that brain can keep growing -- adding new brain cells through the process of neuroplasticity – a miraculous process that takes place if the whole brain is very active.

The intelligence is not related with any of regions of the brain even though different skills are processed in particular regions of the brain. The studies in behavioral and Brain Sciences showed that intelligence is related to the effective travel of information through the brain. The more active the whole brain, more intelligent the person is.

The genius is nothing but having more active connections of neurons and also having the higher cognitive ability. A research done on Improving the fluid intelligence by Jonides and his colleagues showed that it is actually possible to increase the intelligence to a certain extent through training.

Let us see how to maximize and energize the neuronal connections.

Difference between Male and Female Brain Power

One of the substantial differences between the male and female brain is that the male has more neuronal interconnections between both the hemispheres, whereas the latter has more interconnections within the hemisphere. Hence, the female brain is more efficient in language, communications, digits, memorizing landmarks, etc. and the male is more active at mathematical skills, spatial rotation of mental data, reasoning, etc.

Because such a difference is the process of evolution which is not much changed till now where the female is more adapted towards protecting their offspring by serving food that could be found in different locations and thereby remembering it. But male, on the other hand, is wired to detect the slightest movement in the surroundings that is difficult for the female brain to notice. But this change does not avert one to become a genius.

Connections between Intelligence and Sexual Energy

We have only limited knowledge backed with scientific research on the link between sexual energy and intelligence. The studies done on teens show a curvilinear relationship between their IQ level and sexual intercourse.

The connection between the sexual energy and the spiritual energy was known from the ancient times, where the higher spiritually evolved person has a higher level of intelligence and true wisdom.

While studying the successful people around the world, Napoleon Hill found that the rate of success was directly related to the sexual energy moreover, it has resulted in the higher efficient brain.

He noted that the emotion triggered by the sexual energy is in the topmost position leaving behind love, fame, financial gain, etc. When this emotion is triggered mind becomes very active, dare to take the risk, feeling of the greater awareness, fearlessness, determination and higher level of concentration.

He noticed that the success rate was increased in the person in his forties where the sexual intercourse gets decreased where having the average of sexual nature. (Read also 5 Necessary Steps to become Successful in Life)

The famous author Neil Strauss also noted the importance of sexual energy in one’s life achievements.

Transmutation of Sexual Energy

Utilizing the sexual energy by having moderation over the sexual activities is one of the key aspects of enhancing the brain power. Celibacy increases the brain function only to a certain degree. But transmuting this energy to the brain using the techniques adopted in yoga pushes this limit even further.

The advanced form of meditations such as kundalini meditation transmutes this energy by raising this energy to the brain as the spiritual energy. By this energy, the neuron network becomes very active. More neurons will be developed with more connection and effective transmission of information as the fundamental base for a genius. (Read also How to Practice Kundalini meditation?)

The study found that processing of the information in the brain is highly increased who actively involved in an advanced form of meditation practices concerning the kundalini energy. This will take one to the next level of cognitive ability where the empirical analysis is feebly possible and are based on the established facts of observational studies.

Higher Intelligence

The creative imagination is the non-equitable power in the advancement of science and technology. This is the attribute not only for the certain fields but a skill that required in every area of human understanding.

A metaphysical approach can be seen in this higher intelligence as they are influenced by the sixth and seventh senses that are not limited by the brain functions. This has a direct linkage with the spiritual energy which is a transmuted form of sexual energy that can be noticed. The creative imagination is deeply buried in the subconscious and becomes active when the mental waves slow down. This state of the mind is the channel connecting the finite consciousness with the infinite intelligence.

We can find that some of the ancient people have come up with certain astonishing ideas and procedures with the absence of modern technology. The secret techniques of yoga are bestowed with the genuineness of the higher intelligence. This can also be seen in ancient medical systems, tantric practices and much more. (Read also How to Safely Awaken Kundalini Energy?)

In Indian philosophy, the intelligence is held just below the level of soul proceeded with the mind and the five senses where a distinction between the mind and intellect is apparent and held it at the higher level than the mind.

The association of the higher intelligence in the beneficial discoveries is inevitable. This will be the key ideas that play the vital role in every subject and its advancements. The specks of this will be evident in the dream or like the hunches evolving in the conscious mind that a person is seeking. The famous structure of benzene was founded in the dream and there are also few other significant discoveries developed with the ideas evolved in the dreams.

Becoming genius is utilizing more of the brain power that gives mental strength, needed skills, perseverance, faith, and confidence to achieve the life goals that eventually leads one to the perfection as the ultimate goal. (Read also How to Unlock More of Brain Power?)


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