Psychic Palm Reading in 4 Easy Steps to Know Yourself [Infographic]

Psychic Palm Reading in 4 Easy Steps to Know Yourself [Infographic]

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What do Your Palm Lines say About Your Qualities?

The palm reading (chirology) which is the analysis of lines and bumps has rooted in Indian astrology expected to shed some insights into some of the personal qualities of a person. Still, psychics widely use it to predict one’s future. Even though there is a doubt in its accuracy of predictions, some people take it as a fun.

When I was doing my master’s degree, friends hang around me asking to tell them about their personal qualities.

The reason is that they came to know that I was little specialized in face reading (personology) and graphology (analyzing handwritings) in personality psychology.

Even though they knew something about themselves, they require more credibility to support their positive qualities. They are also eager to know more about their special character traits.

It might be a fun or psychologically driven fascination that the girls were attracted more than the guys in such things in analyzing their personal qualities. It's my own opinion.

The palm readings and tarot readings are once popular among the people who lost confidence in their life at tough times. The life problems and inconsistencies drive some people to such fortune tellers. It’s just a psychological satisfaction.

The palm reading doesn’t have any empirical support, yet considered good at analyzing some personal characteristics of a person. (Read also Does Psychic Reading Really Work?)

The modern palm reading is the result of the influence of various schools of palmistry.

How to read your palms?

Your dominant hand associates to the conscious mind and other to the subconscious mind. The lines in the non-dominant hand show your inborn personal qualities and the other hand refers to the changes in the active involvement of the conscious mind.

The subconscious mind determines your character traits. So, choose the appropriate hand. These are the prominent characteristics of the major lines that can show the overall nature of a person.

Psychic Palm Reading (Infographic) 

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