Scientific Proof of Kundalini

Scientific Proof of Kundalini

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The Science of Kundalini

The creation of artificial cells is possible. Even if we examine this cell at the atomic level we couldn’t distinguish it from the living tissue, because it is possible to create it with the same molecular components as like that of a natural cell.

Even though we can perform certain tasks in science, there is a limit. We can create a cell as noted above, but the science cannot give life to that cell. This phenomenon is beyond the concepts of science, and a revolutionary theory that which can create life can only explain it. Thus, that theory will be unambiguously equipped with the knowledge and nature of life.

Energy is solemnly responsible for the evolution of the universe. From the relativistic physics of Einstein, it is known that the matter and energy are interchangeable. Thus, matter can be stated as the static energy of the universe. Hence, we can say that the energy is world and the world is energy. We are only the specs of this enormous power which are being dispersed from it. These are clearly stated in dualism and non-dualism in Indian philosophy. Or one can get this knowledge when he leaps towards the higher consciousness.

The Kundalini is the key to the cosmic power from this dispersed energy. More clearly this serpent power is the only tool to unite the dispersed energy with the cosmic power before the natural total reunion and explosion termed as the Big Bang.

The serpent power can only be experienced for those who have awakened it in an ordinary manner. Hence, science is far from detection of this supreme vital power in the ordinary human being.

Relation of Kundalini with the Sexual Energy

The sexual energy or libido has a significant role in the activation and progress of this serpent power. In Sanskrit, this sexual energy is termed as the rates which do not directly mean to the semen. It only means the flow of currents.

The biological energy is moved upward to the brain by using certain yogic techniques like backward flowing methods that are mentioned in the pranayama practices as practiced by Gopi Krishna. The role of sexual energy, celibacy and the nature of man practicing it are mentioned in the book ‘Why Kundalini Meditation so Special?’ The Bhahastrika pranayama is a simple yogic technique which can be practiced for the upward movement of this sexual energy.

Kundalini spiritual power use this sexual energy and when it passed to the brain enhances its functions and potential. It is said in the ancient traditional text that without the inflow of kundalini to the brain it will have only the static nature. With the union of this spiritual power with the brain only leads to the integrated form of a dynamic and static aspect of the brain.

The brain waves get changed in the unification, and this mental waves can be reduced effortlessly by closing the eyes and meditating that leads to the spiritual state of awareness. The yogic ecstatic state is far more intense than the pleasurable orgasmic state in the sex which is short and temporary. (Read also The Psychology of Kundalini Meditation)

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


Praveen Kumar

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