Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening, Is it Real?

Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening, Is it Real?

Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening

I get emails asking that they had a kundalini experience and to know whether is it real and also some individuals facing the kundalini syndrome. So, I thought of including one of those conversations here.

This article deals with the discussion of twin flame (soul mate) and its influence on the kundalini awakening. (Read also How to Safely Awaken Kundalini Energy?)

Kundalini Awakening After Meeting Twin Flame, Is it Real?

There are certain beliefs on twin flames (soul mates). According to such beliefs, a single soul splits into two, or the two independent souls where the progression of the soul depends on each other. These souls might be anyone, friends, lovers, family members, etc. Without its other counterpart, it’s incomplete. These souls are having compatibility in every sense. And, one’s change influences the other.

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Few people relate it to the quantum entanglement without understanding how the quantum entanglement works. I have pasted below a recent interaction.

Hi Praveen, I have been undergoing Kundalini Shakti's research for the last seven years and happened to go through your article on Kundalini Awakening. Can you throw more insights on this?

- Sandra (Name changed)

Hi Sandra, nice to see you. You are asking me to throw more insights on kundalini, and I think you have gone through the article on ‘After Kundalini Awakening, What Happens’. It's just my experience and understanding of the kundalini written briefly. I have nothing more than that.

I think there is nothing more to say other than said by the enlightened masters. I 'm just a seeker and still, I have to go ahead. If you ask specifically, and not as the whole, and if it belongs to my knowledge, I 'll try to answer.

Hi, thank you for your response. Well, even I had gone through this beautiful Kundalini experience journey, it took around 7 years, and it is really a beautiful experience. It was not easy for me but I managed.

I am still moving forward and after awakening, all that I can say until now is that there is still an ascension going on within.

I do not know whether you have researched, that in some it develops on its own when the time comes.

And, I had later started finding what exactly had been happening to me. I found some answers on the internet as I proceeded, and later I consulted a holy person, a saint to confirm it.

It started all when I had met my husband and undergone Diksha and the process started gradually. It is unbelievable, but mostly I got all the answers myself as I proceeded.

 This journey is absolutely my own individual experience which cannot be defined also. The Universe is there with you to guide you....herself...

I have heard from my research that very few people are able to take the Shakti towards the head which is the seat of the Lord Siva, where finally reunion takes place. I regarded reunion as the Kundalini Shakti which first arises in the human body as goddess Kali and it is known as Kundalini rising. Later, it again travels upwards to go into the chakras to reach the final stage of awakening...into Goddess Parvati...That's where awakening takes place.

After Kundalini rising, if one is able to raise the Shakti to higher levels...that if pierces the two chakras, also, there one moves upwards rapidly....and if one can pierce solar plexus in the second time then there is no coming down.

The person becomes totally aware of whatever going on oneself, and gradually if one manages it, one can attain Samadhi....which is itself a divine experience.

The person’s ego is crushed and he/she is not the same person anymore. It's the rebirth, a new beginning, and one becomes so powerful that one can even create one’s own reality.

- Sandra

Thanks for putting all on this. …Good to know that you had a nice experience with kundalini.

I didn't research in-depth on kundalini. But from my knowledge, there are many people who experienced kundalini rising. Such experiences are mostly weird and had an unpleasant feeling in their daily life.

It's just the unmatured or unprepared awakening resulted from trauma, NDE, higher anxiety, sexual indulgence related (having resemblance) to tantric techniques, childbirth, or without any significant reasons. And, few others with the exception of the uncontrolled body movements.

Even people who are intended to awaken it had some unpleasant feeling as they have gone through some mistakes in the yogic practices. Or, they couldn't sustain its power when it pierces through the chakras. Gopi Krishna is one of them.

If the body couldn't bear it, then it results in the symptoms such as a severe headache, heaviness in the head. It has to be lowered. And, its accession should be gradual. ( Read also Powerful Mantras to Activate and Balance Chakras)

How one's Kundalini has evolved is related to one's past life. There are few people who had spontaneous awakening without prior spiritual background (past life spiritual background). They are highly evolved - Ramana Maharishi is a suitable example. (Read also 3 Supporting Facts for Reincarnation)

Others who have risen to a higher level are initiated or gone through the kundalini awakening yogic process - these two are stimulated awakening - Vivekananda, Yogananda, Narayana guru, etc. (Read also 7 Most Influential Spiritual Yogis in the World)

The name Kali denotes the rise of kundalini in the uncontrolled form as per tantric texts. It's the kundalini syndrome we find on the internet due to the unprepared and spontaneous awakening under certain circumstances as I said before.

Durga is the kundalini energy in its peace and self-sustained form. It’s the proper awakening.

The growth of kundalini is always upward, and Gurus didn't neglect the chance that it might come back to the dormant state for the incapables.

Mostly, whoever awakened it has raised to Sahasrara  Chakra. Although, yogi experience samadhi beyond it, this chakra doesn't have a much different experience than the below chakras (but experience the different levels of consciousness). ( Read also How to Open Your Third Eye?)

Samadhi is the state of mind. It is vast and has different states. But it's not the culmination; it is only the state of mind.

Samadhi is sleeping with awareness. Kevala Samadhi is temporary whereas the Sahaja Samadhi is permanent. There is no coming back in it. In Sahaja Samadhi, the activities of mind and body don’t affect its state.

Ramana Maharishi was always in samadhi - permanent. Samadi becomes significant only when yogi finds the source. Or else, samadhi is only an experience that is temporary. And, yogis had Neti, Neti – not this, not this approach towards it.

Ego is just “I’ referring to the mind and it gets absorbed when you find the source. It’s the result of realization. Until a person attains enlightenment, the ego exists, or even if a person experience Samadhi (temporary), or having the mind outside the body or experience the detachment from the body - astral travel.

Kundalini- God is in the spine (individuality, duality). When you find it everywhere (unity), formless, indescribable, beyond space-time, it’s enlightenment. Even Ramana Maharshi said, experiencing the kundalini in the chakras is the beginning state.

Finding the source is much beyond it and it takes time. But it serves as the constant reminder of the self.

There are few scripts saying that one can attain enlightenment in 12 years by following certain strategies. I'm not sure about it whether it’s possible without having past life spiritual experiences.

I have raised kundalini beyond Sahasrara Chakra (there is a state in meditation thuriatheetha – means beyond Sahasrara) and still the body and mind rise in control on a few occasions whether it might be in good or bad things. I have to flow with it. Still, a certain level of anger, hatred controls me. But not like that of a common man who becomes entirely perceptible to these emotions. I think these emotions fade off slowly. This reminds me that there is much more to go! (Read also 2 Ultimate Ways to Control Mind and Thoughts in Meditation)

One’s kundalini experience is the result of their past karma. Daily meditation is one of the ways to raise it to the higher states.

Still, I'm confused by your reply, you noted about the spontaneous awakening and later noted about the Diksha. Would you please clarify it? Did you mean the Guru bought it under control?

I never knew on Earth what Kundalini was as I have mentioned...I do not know whether you know about twin flames.

Mine case is a twin flame...

Mine case started with when I had met my twin flame....and in this case, one of the people has Kundalini awakening automatically after you meet your twin flame even without sexual contact.

Everybody’s kundalini experience is different as I have already said. Mine is quite different I had been always a spiritually influenced person. The twin flame relationship itself is a divine relationship.

In this process, many of them go off to meet a twin flame as a result of Kundalini awakening.

I have confirmed with my Guruji. It's a twin flame relationship. It is true. In India, very few people are aware of such kind of relationship. You can look for videos on YouTube. It is very common in the western world. That is why I took an interest. My awakening is just like any other twin flame relationship that anyone has.

I got indications in my dreams about Kundalini awakening. I was unaware of it at that moment. I saw a huge snake with seven colors....and then later lots of dreams indicating...and I saw sitting among people trying to reach God and then saw a Guru

In my dream telling me you have already reached God….and later lots of signs indicating me about my journey. This happened after I had taken Diksha. This is the story just like Lord Shiva when he was enlightening Goddess Parvati and she had undergone Diksha before she became a Goddess from a simple human being.

- Sandra

You mean only yours was awakened and not your partner’s? You didn't mention clearly how the awakening took place (what are the practical incidents) and your initial experience with kundalini. Please give me some details on it. Not as like you said before......

I don't have experience with the twin flame. But, I can see it from the scientific, spiritual, and metaphysical point.

I think there were no studies conducted on it. I couldn’t find any studies or journals. The books are only the mental concepts and experiences of people that don't have valid support. Till now it was considered pointless.

However, many hypothetical concepts were posited that are far from empirical support. In tantric texts, the spiritual relationship is given importance as it is one of the paths to the kundalini awakening but doesn't mention twin-soul. (Read also Reasons You are Wrong with Tantra Yoga)

One thing I can say is that the concept of soul in twin soul hypothesis is far distinct than the 'self' noted in the tantric and yogic texts, and also the talks of the revered spiritual and enlightened people. Hence, assigning this concept as purely hypothetical.

There is no color for chakras. you cannot see it in meditations too, rather a vibrant radiance. It’s just your mental creations.

No, his kundalini was not awakened but was spiritual. In this relationship, it's like Shiva and Shakti. There is no separation. Even if one goes away there is always a connection. I knew this topic would be a new one for you.

So was the case with me. I did not know I was in a twin flame relationship until 2015 wherein I completed my Kundalini rising and I started knowing things which I never thought existed. This is my own journey and as one advances spiritually one starts knowing about SELF

It is not an imaginary concept at all. It is a reality and it exists. When a soul advances spiritually higher, then at a certain point the soul splits into two, and when on earth one meets the another as man and woman and there is union, it is considered a divine relationship.

It is not necessary that the soul split has to be of the opposite gender. Sometimes it is of the same gender too.

I could see Om vision appearing. Later, after that, I could see awakened Buddha in my meditation...Lord Buddha in meditation pose. I have still lots to go to...

- Sandra

Twin Flame from a Psychological Perspective

People like to have positive feelings. No one would like to risk his or her life. And, they don’t want to feel broken. And, such psychological needs exhibits as the optimism bias.

Here is a real-life case. When a person first goes for trading, he would have a positive outlook in his mind that he won’t have losing trades. He has heard about the risk involved and that some people had the losses. But his mind wants to be risk-free. This mental state leads to having a positive attitude that he won’t lose in the trade.

It is the result of optimism bias.

Similarly, people involved in a relationship do not want to feel broken. Their mind tries to put forward certain facts to strengthen such beliefs. Even after break off, such beliefs lead to an extended hangover.

According to psychology, there are various factors involve in falling in love. It depends on the belief system, life experiences right from childhood, unmet needs, etc.

One factor is that the like attracts like. And, also the wants and lacks attract. Some people love sports very much and they are easily attracted to sportspeople.

Some people with less self-confidence and self-esteem looks for people with high self-confidence and self-esteem. It is to compensate for their needs.

Some people with low confidence and self-esteem get attracted to people with low confidence and self-esteem to make them feel worthy of it. (Read also How to Become More Interesting to Others?)

Some people have certain expectations in their mind about the partner, but end up attracted to others that do not meet their mental criteria. And, feel why I am attracted to him or her. Certainly, love happens at the unconscious level. And, it’s more personal.

Since love happens at the unconscious level, soul mates are only psychological needs.

According to the studies, there are thousands of people who have compatibility with your thought frequency, and that which suits your personality. It’s not limited to one. It’s just the mental deception. The belief system, media, films, novels, customs, tradition, lifestyle has strengthened it. If someone has such a deep-rooted belief system, it’s hard to break these fallacies. But, it’s possible with the right knowledge.

A need for a soul mate is a self-fulfilling need. It is the condition of the mind not to feel broken.

Mostly, women have authored many blog posts on twin flames. It’s not a coincidence. It’s a psychological fact. (Read also Scientific Reason Why Men and Women Wired Differently)

Spiritual and Metaphysical Perspective

From the spiritual point of view, the soul doesn’t require a mate. It is self-existent, self-contented, boundless, formless, genderless, and exists beyond time and space (space and time are for mind and body).

The need of mate is only for the mind and body, not for the soul.

The soul is independent. It doesn’t require any outer source to flourish. It’s already pure and nothing can influence it. It’s the karmic attachments of the body that keeps away from unity.

If you had many reincarnations, there is a chance to meet a person with similar karmic bondage. It might be your spouse in the past life. But it doesn’t mean that the twin flame meeting will awaken kundalini energy.

I have not heard of such things that twin flames help in kundalini awakening.

There is no empirical evidence supporting the existence of twin flames. Hence, science considers it as the psychological requirements resulted in the fallacies and self-fulfilling needs.

We cannot logically prove such beliefs as either true or false. It’s like painting in the flowing water. But holding on the present existing truth makes it false.  And, it doesn’t have any agreement with the science, tantra, yoga, and spirituality where it becomes pointless. The enlightened people never mentioned about it.

Up to my knowledge, such awakening techniques are not mentioned in any tantric or yogic texts. If there is any script on it, I’m unaware of it.

Awakening Kundalini comes under two wide categories – stimulated and spontaneous.

Stimulated – There are a total of 112 ways to salvation with awakening the kundalini (twin flame doesn’t belong to this). The backward-flowing method, pranayama, tantric techniques, and the varied yogic practices belong to this. This also includes the various forms of initiations such as shaktipat, kriya initiation, mantra initiation, etc. The awakening will be partial to full leading to the enlightenment.

Spontaneous – Enlightened beings (though it comes under 112 ways, the awakening is spontaneous as the result of the past karma), unprepared awakening as a result of awakening the kundalini forcefully without adapting the body to sustain its power, natural circumstances such as Near Death Experiences (NDE), mental traumas, high stress, and other unfavorable natural incidents. Mostly such cases result in the kundalini syndrome. These awakening are partial and temporary.

Women are more likely to experience a spontaneous awakening. Sometimes such awakening happens without any reason. The kundalini rising that happens other than the mentioned above is spontaneous. And, twin flame awakening is not apart from them.

Shaktipat initiation has direct experience with the kundalini, other initiations don’t. It’s like lighting a lamp with the other. (Read also What is Shaktipat Transmission in Kundalini Yoga)

In some twin flame cases, one of the partners has awakened kundalini by any means. On an active state, just a touch awakens in the other. But the awakening is not as per the yogic standards and results in kundalini syndrome. Kundalini is a facet of electromagnetic energy and only an awakened can awaken in the other.

Such awakenings are the same as the spontaneous awaking that certainly results in various mental traumas. The mind fills with the fantasies and fascinations. You see weird dreams such as Gods, ghosts, souls, etc. some relate to the ESP, some are the mere illusions of the mind.

Some feel like a psycho. Some feel like they are out of control. Some people feel that they exist outside the body and mistaking their astral body (mind) for the soul. These are the kundalini syndrome as a result of awakening that a person couldn’t sustain its power.

Once a devotee asked Ramana Maharishi, “You are giving darshan in dreams for other devotees, why are you neglecting me?”

Maharishi said, “Such images are their own mental creations, not mine.”

Some people claim that they had a kundalini rising. On closely examining them, it's none other than the mental and physiological disturbances. There are also similar experiences that don’t have a relation to the kundalini syndrome. But, it’s purely psychological problems.

The proper kundalini awakening has many experiences but not like the above one. And, these above mental illusions don’t have any sense of it.


Praveen Kumar

Praveen is the founder and editor at MindOrbs, an online magazine about personal development, yoga, meditation, spirituality, health, and wellness. He is a postgraduate in Physics, author, and entrepreneur. He is a kundalini practitioner for more than 15 years.