What are Kundalini Chakras?

What are Kundalini Chakras?

Kundalini Chakras

Kundalini Chakras and Energy Centers

There are various kundalini chakras or energy centers in man. This energy centers are classified as the major and minor energy centers and are 130 in number. They are also termed as clairvoyance or psychic channels. According to the works of literature related to psychic practices, states that these energy centers are present in another plane of existence. These energy centers neither present in the physical body nor detected any direct means. They are present in the astral body or subtle body. They influence the physical body through the astral body. However, they have a close relationship between the glands in the human body relative to its position like that of thyroid gland related to vishuddha chakra, pineal gland related with Ajna chakra etc. ( Ajna chakra is also related to pituitary gland mentioned in few texts). There are many energy centers and it is mainly classified into seven major chakras. They are 

Kundalini Chakras

1. Muladhara

2. Svadhisthana

3. Manipura

4. Anahata

5. Vishudda

6. Ajna and

7. Sahasrara

respectively from the base of the spine to the top. This serpent power rises from the Muladhara and reaches the Sahasrara which is known as the path for soul’s consciousness. The fully raised kundalini in the Sahasrara results in soul’s consciousness. The positions of the various chakras are described in the articles of the respective chakras.

In the book “Why kundalini meditation is so special?” I have said that the experiences associated with each chakra and how we feel the sensation while meditating on these chakras.

Scientific View of Chakras

The term chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel. As the wheel is the representation of the dynamic aspect, the chakras are the spinning vortices with different levels of energy.

As like the subconscious mind, the energy centers are active at all times in every human being. The main role of these spinning vortices is to transform the psychophysical energy into the spiritual energy. This psychophysical energy is an electrochemical energy that is produced in our body with the effect of prana ‘life force aspect’ and the gross substances. The nature of prana is referred in the book ‘Why Kundalini Meditation so special?’

The mind is the subtle aspect and the fluctuations of the mind are the result of interactions with the other subtle aspect like the intellect, feeling self, ego, etc. So to control the mind one has to practice yoga. The Patanjali yoga sutra states To Control Mental Fluctuations is Yoga. The controlled working of chakras in yoga is only possible with the control of prana. The controlling of prana is only possible with the practice of pranayama which is the primary step towards kundalini yoga and meditation.

Chakras, Philosophical Insights

In the ancient scriptures and texts, the chakras are represented with the geometrical shapes and figures. These are not merely geometrical figures, but underlies the hidden attributes that are linked with the psychic centers. These psychic wheels are represented with colors that are influenced with those frequencies. The colors stated in the ancient texts are different from the colors assigned to them in the modern world. Presently, the colors assigned to the chakras are represented with the seven vibrant colors of the rainbow. The colors assigned to these psychic wheels are assigned from top to bottom in the order of the spectrum.

The first five spiritual centers Muladhara to vishuddha are connected with the five basic elements of creation such as earth, water, fire, air, and space. (The earth should not be considered as the planet earth, but a philosophical entity represented with solidity, materialistic, grounding etc.)

The three lower chakras are concerned with the material survival. The three higher chakras are concerned with the higher creative expressions and spiritual life. The middle psychic wheel 'Vishuddha' is the frontier to these two aspects and acts as a key, which unlocks the path from material concerns to the spiritual realm.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


Praveen Kumar

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