What are Yoga Nadis or Energy Channels?

What are Yoga Nadis or Energy Channels?

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Yoga Nadis or Subtle Channels

The yoga nadis play a vital role in kundalini meditation process. It is used as the ancient physiological term and seems like it has a resemblance to the nervous system. When it is seen within the yoga and its metaphysical approach, it has a deep-rooted nature, where the yoga nadis belongs to the subtle body.

There are thousands of subtle channels in a human being. These significant networks are classified as major and minor nadis. These serve as the path for the pranic energy (life force) and the energy centers or chakras are found to be within these channels.

The major yoga nadis are classified as fourteen and within that most important are

       1. Sushumna

       2. Ida and

       3. Pingala

The major nadis cover up the major parts of the body including the very important organs in the human body. Hence, it is known as the major nadis and the rest of them are minor channels. There is also another classification of this subtle energy channels which are also analogous to the major Nadis and also the important nadis which are mentioned in the book " Why kundalini meditation so special?"

The human body is heavily wired with this energy channels and are having certain locations known as energy centers. These centers serve as the grid for the energy transmission for the certain portion of the body. There are different art-forms and the healing techniques such as acupuncture, acupressure, etc. are practiced under these nadis.

Mostly there will be blockages in these channels. These blockages cause the physical deficiency, illness, not feeling energetic, etc. There are various physical exercises, but yoga asanas play a vital role in removing the blockages present in this subtle wire and the body. These physical exercises are also known as asanas are practiced in such a way that it is focused more intrinsically than extrinsically.

As the yoga nadis have resembled with the subtle nature in the astral body and have a close relationship with the plexus and the nerves in the gross body. Hence, the vibrations produced in the gross body will also influence the subtle centers.

We can say that these subtle centers are carriers of cosmic energy and it is bounded to the subtle aspects of the cosmic energy. Through these nadis, the chakras are interconnected which the physical resemblance with the nerve interlacing has termed as the plexus in the gross body.

Nature of Yoga Nadis

The purification of the gross nadis that are known as the nervous system comprising of veins and arteries in the modern physiology can generally affect the subtle nadis as mentioned in the yoga. These astral tubes are the counterpart of the gross nadis and it has the same form as the physical one and it remains invisible to the human eye. The purification of the gross nadis can be done through the physical exercises known as postures or asanas. Similarly, the purification of the astral nadis can be done by contemplation.

The true success in yoga can be achieved only when the gross nadis are healthy and the subtle Nadis are active. The ancient technique pranayama is a powerful tool to purify the gross nadis as well as the subtle nadis.

The astral body is the equivalent part of the physical body and it lies within it. Whatever the actions were done through the physical body can influence the astral body and vice versa. It seems that the physical body is more controllable than the astral body. Hence, the purification can begin from the gross nadis and this can influence the astral nadis thus leading one to the realm of higher consciousness.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field


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