What Does Types of Eyebrows Reveal About Your Personality?

What Does Types of Eyebrows Reveal About Your Personality?

Types of Eyebrows and Personality

What are the Innate Character Traits Behind the Shape of Your Eyebrows?

The eyebrows have a considerable role in expressing emotions, feelings and other social signs. It has a significant position in the human face where the identification of the face will be lost without the eyebrows even though it can be recognized without the presence of eyes or nose.

Our thinking style influences our personality traits. The eyebrows have a close connection with our mental process.

Nature of eyebrow shows that how you receive and perceive information. It is the fact that the shape of your eyebrows represents your thought process.

When we see a person, we involuntarily form an impression of his/her personality traits from the facial features and physical appearance. Our subconscious mind forms an overall impression of his personality such as soft, arrogant, showy, or nosy.

For instance, the wide jaws form an impression of courage and authority resembling lion; and small jaws exhibit fear and shy that of a deer.

This perception is in agreement with the others too. The research showed that these impersonations are considerably right and are in good agreement with the person’s personality.

We can infer such attribute from one scientific principle. Physical appearance – genes – character traits.

Genes influence the physical appearance. It also influences the character traits. Certainly, there is a one to one relation between the physical appearance and the personality traits.

To increase the accuracy of the results one has to consider all the facial features and physical appearance. Considering just only one facial feature lowers the accuracy of reading compared with the personality as a whole.

Nevertheless, the impression formed according to the types of eyebrows reveal a person’s character traits up to a certain extent.

Based on the comparative study of personology, Chinese face reading and Robert Whiteside’s analysis the accuracy of the readings have upheld to a certain degree. (Read also Quick Chakra Test to Know How Balanced are You?)


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