What Happens When Guru Nanak Went to Mecca?

What Happens When Guru Nanak Went to Mecca?

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Guru Nanak in Kaaba

The real psychic abilities are bestowed in the mystics. They are expressed in such a way as to guide the people from their irrational beliefs of nature. The light shed on such events will perhaps guide us in the right path revealing the real secrets of nature.

This shows that the humanity is wrapped with one’s own beliefs rational or irrational that are manifested from their tottering mind. It’s such beliefs that make such people feel significant and gets empowered when they make the whole world believe in it, even if it does not lead them on the right path.

Most people believe in the God that represents their tradition and core beliefs as Osho said that “The Jew’s God would probably have the nose of Jews”. All religions are truly looking out for the perfection of humans in different ways, where they ultimately end up with the absolute truth. This is the story of Guru Nanak that had thrown out the irrational beliefs in the Divine. This story is a symbolic representation of the Divine truth.

Spiritual Power of Guru Nanak

Once, Guru Nanak visited the holy place of the Muslims – Kaaba – Mecca Saudi Arabia. He traveled all the way from India visiting various places including Baghdad. He was a great mystic that his familiarity was already known in that place. The people of Kaaba had heard about his mystical qualities and psychic stories.

As he traveled large distances, he reached the Kaaba at late evening. It was already getting dark and the holy Kaaba was reflecting its beauty with the radiance of the sky. (Read also 5 Ways of Psychic Energies You Feel in Holy Places)

The people of Kaaba gave him a warm welcome since they were awaiting a mystical person in their land. The long journey made him tired and asked them that he would like to rest. They arranged him a resting place under the tree. They also prepared a bed with its side facing the Kaaba. Then the Guru Nanak was asked to take a rest. Guru turned the bed facing it towards the Kaaba and laid on it by facing his leg towards it and his head facing the opposite direction.

The Muslims do not sleep by keeping their legs towards the Kaaba. They feel it’s unholy.

On seeing this, they couldn’t tolerate, and the behavior of Guru Nanak was informed by the head of the priest in Kaaba. He came running and said, “We thought you were a great mystic, but you don't even seem to be religious. You don't understand that you are hurting our feelings. You are keeping your feet towards the most divine and the holiest land! You should turn your feet."

Guru Nanak replied with a gentle smile, "As far as I am concerned, wherever I turn my feet I find they are towards the holy land because to me the whole existence is holy. Now if you think there is some place which is unholy, please turn my legs. I am willing!"

The Priest became speechless as he couldn’t tell any place in that land is not holy. But he couldn’t tolerate the act of Guru Nanak’s leg facing the holy Kaaba. Finally, he thought of changing the bed, he turned the bed towards the opposite side with the help of the men. Suddenly, to his surprise, he could find that the Kaaba also changed its position towards his leg. They couldn’t believe their eyes as it was real or unreal. The people were totally amazed as they could see that wherever they moved his legs, Kaaba also moved accordingly. (Read also Siddhis or Mystical Powers)

The priest begged pardon for his ignorance. Guru Nanak was a great mystic, and the real psychic nature of his actions is the reflections of realization of the supreme truth. Moreover, everything exists as sacred to a divine person where he has unveiled the secret laws of nature. For him, nothing is unholy as everything becomes as the form of divine existence. (Read also Jnana Yoga, A Path to Salvation)

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