Crack The Hidden Laws Of Life

Crack The Hidden Laws Of Life

Why most of the people fail to lead a successful life?

Unveil the obscure path of success with the application of psychology, philosophy, and pure science.

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Crack Hidden Laws of Life

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We all are chasing our dreams. Some of us achieve it, and the others are lost. Whatever is the path towards the success, there are some common traits among them and these are the secrets that are obscure to us and where the few are revealed that are not often up kept.

All of us desire to be happy and successful. But these do not come to the man with a mere wish. One has to seek it, where one has to comprehend some of the strange laws of life.

Understanding these phenomenal laws of life and applying it intellectually is the secret path towards the successful life.

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.....According to me, this book seems to be mysterious and certainly applied a different approach to understand the human life and mental state with the combination of science and metaphysics.

One more thing I couldn't avert from sharing is that when I started reading this book, I became curious to know more about the successive lines and completed reading it in one sitting.....

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The book is divided into six chapters beginning with the

Bounded Laws of Life – elucidating the concept of certain laws of life and nature that has to be relevantly considered. Next,

Hidden Laws of God and the Golden Rule – the notion of belief system and the influence of such system and effectiveness of similar esoteric practices in the life events.

Digging the Hidden Needs of Life – comprising the concept of life purpose with the psychological and philosophical aspects of the needs of a person, people, society, and the world.

The Probability of Success in Life – the efficiency of success based on the application of probabilistic scientific approach in every respect and the factual inferences based on the experiences of such people.

The Role of Sixth and Seventh Senses – a psychological and physiological approach towards the metaphysical concept that is inevitable to achieve success in life. Lastly,

The Ultimate Happiness – this underlies the spiritual concept that transcends the temporary subjective happiness which leads to the ultimate wellbeing based on the experiences of the delighted people and its importance.

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