Why is Kundalini Meditation So Special?

Why is Kundalini Meditation So Special?

"Are you looking out to find more details about kundalini awakening and trying to go through many articles and books?".....Then, here is the solution.

What is this book about?

►This book is a summarized concept of kundalini yoga and meditation practices and presented in a succinct and simple manner.

►You can find the relevant details here about the kundalini and the awakening.

►This book shows the procedures for awakening the supreme power excluding the techniques (that has to be practiced under guidance).

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” is written by Praveen Kumar, who has been practicing Kundalini meditation from the beginning of 2004. This extent of the period seems like a short period as in the case of kundalini meditation. But the experiences gained through this period are more than enough to explain its realities and facts as only when the aspirant is truly dedicated to it. It is notable that Swami Vivekananda achieved the state of higher consciousness within ten years of his journey in this field.


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why Kundalini Meditation So Special?

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...I am not familiar with the kundalini subject and this book clearly explained to me the process and precautions. There are few philosophical concepts and I felt that yoga and kundalini are difficult to explain without that.

I sincerely refer this book for those who are interested to know about the kundalini and to awaken the kundalini energy....

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This book is about the mystical experiences while doing spiritual meditation and also about the dos and don ts about it. This book gives the reader a clear perspective of this serpent power meditation and it influences on the human nature. The aspirant can understand it well by illustrating what is really kundalini meditation and its nature, thus assist from not falling into the wrong techniques of meditation.

This book elucidates the correct methodology to be followed by showing the process and techniques of this serpent power arousal and its manifestation.

This book does not teach any kundalini meditation technique but gives a clear view of it by elaborating the symptoms and the experiences related to it. That is because it should be practiced under proper guidance and an efficient teacher where the probable ill-effects could be eliminated. The traumas related to the practice of this spiritual meditation without any proper guidance is reported from different parts of the world, even though, few have the exception. It is better to practice this form of techniques with the adequate knowledge rather than doing without proper knowledge.

This book is useful for the beginner as well as for the meditation practitioners because it covers various experiences and essentials related to kundalini meditation practices.

This book is adopted with philosophical aspects and also giving priority to the scientific research and psychological correlation of this divine process. True understanding it in a scientific way without using any philosophical phase is not currently possible.

This technique has emanated and practiced through the philosophical attribute which suits well and explains it processes.

This book has six chapters written in the simple language without including too much of Sanskrit and philosophical terms. This book has 6 chapters including only the important points and not any unwanted terms for the account of time consumption for the readers. This is more than enough for the reader to understand the concepts and realities of this meditation practices who are also new to this field.

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