Do you have uncontrolled sexual emotions, or feeling lethargic. Take a simple and quick chakra test to know which of your chakras need to be balanced.
The gradual transformations of life after the kundalini awakening and its effects on the psychological nature of man. Know the level of the transformation it makes in you.
Kundalini yoga and meditation is regarded as physical exercises, concentration and mind control techniques which are being intuitively developed and practiced.
Know the necessary steps to get the kundalini shaktipat initiation and its kriyas.
It is the power of a guru to light a lamp in the deciple through the psychic abilities. This article is about four traditional methods of kundalini shaktipat diksha in yoga
The process of energy transmission from the Guru to the disciple is known as the Shaktipat which literally means ‘descent of energy.
Know the methods and importance to safely awaken kundalini energy, the higher perfection in spirituality cannot be attained unless the kundalini energy is safely awakened in you.
These are the list of minor siddhis in yoga. The yogi who acquired minor siddhis has the potent to control the events by his words and much more.
The major siddhis are classified as eight distinct supernatural powers
The siddhis are the supernatural powers that can be acquired in the path of yoga. These are the real powers of yogis that defies laws of physics and science.