This is confined not only to the meditation techniques but also to a set of yoga practices that helps you to lose weight fast.

Simple meditation technique to alleviate anxiety and gain control over emotions in different situations. Method to concentrate the energy in the hara center

Controlling the mind is the hardest job in the world. Those who are not getting the expected results in meditation is that they are unaware of some of the rules

Psychic energy center – third eye has a significant interest through the ages in spirituality where the people look for the practical techniques to open it.

Whatever we do physically or mentally to rejuvenate the mind in a constructive way is meditation. These are the most powerful meditation techniques

Guided meditation for astral projection and out of body experiences where the consciousness is extended to the heavenly bodies.

Kundalini meditation is a powerful practice to acquire the cosmic power. Practicing this spiritual technique makes one stand out with the ordinary persons

This article explains how padmasana posture is the best for meditation and how it enhances the energy in the aspirant.

Kundalini meditation deals not only with the human mind but also include other aspects as mentioned in ancient yoga texts.