The remarkable things – ‘achievements, success, influential power, etc.’ that are above the ordinary level of a person have the influence of this sixth sense
The effective ways to use the positive thinking in real life activities that are backed with psychological techniques and tips to get the desired result in life
We currently need is the ability of the mind to materialize our thoughts. Get right into our purposeful goals. Make them a reality.
The basic reality behind controlling mind according to the advanced spiritual people. The path of supreme knowledge.
Mind control is a process that deals with both body and mind. One cannot control the mind without considering the necessary principles of the body.
The scientist found that – brain which is the residing place for intellect has shrunken for about 10% for the last few millenniums.
The facts that shows why people are having a consistent belief in their religion.
These are the effective mind control techniques of the professionals in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) used to control your thoughts and other's mind in a constructive or destructive way.
The most effective ways to unlock more of your brain power and lays the foundation for the efficiency and performance of all the works done by a man.