These are the list of least known yoga facts to the world. I have tried to include as much as of the interesting facts.
The listed books in yoga and spirituality are popular in the recent years and also included few others that are having insightful information in spirituality
The classical yoga what we call it as ashtanga yoga shows the real nature of yoga. It’s the science of leading the life with totality.
Tantra yoga is becoming more popular in the world and everyone at least needs to know briefly ‘what it really means to their life? Here are some of the interesting facts about tantric sex.
There are different ways to stay looking young in which the techniques of yoga can be placed in the top position
Facts about yoga vegetarian diet and studies to show whether it's significant for the yoga practices.
Breath is the gross aspect and prana which is the vital force is the subtle aspect
There are lots of benefits in practicing yoga. This article elucidates the significant health benefits of kundalini meditation.
There minor energy centers in the body and hands have the reflexes of the seven chakras.
The jnana yoga is the path for recognizing yourself as the true manifestation of the cosmic consciousness