Yoga Poses

Entire effective exercises in yoga to reduce snoring. This Includes the pranayama breathing techniques and yoga asana that you can choose appropriately

A simple yoga exercise to get powerful and brighter eyes revitalized by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi

This acupressure technique can be included along with your routine exercise to maintain a better health revitalized by Vethathiri Maharishi

These are the most popular and effective ways to relieve stress for the inexperienced as well as for seekers backed up with yoga.

Unlike other physical exercises, the yoga exercises are unique and popular because it works from inside out

Expecting the real health benefits by doing yoga exercises without ‘Kapalbhati’ will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the benefits.

Simple yoga workout (asana) for lower back pain relief renovated by Vethathiri Maharishi (Makarasana)"